Why are we no longer fighting a cold war whithout fear of a domino effect? Studying the histrionics that took place during "Red Scare"

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This question is not that clear, so I am not certain that this is what you are asking.  However, I would say that we are no longer fighting a cold war because we no longer fear a domino effect.

The idea of the domino effect was that, if one country like Vietnam became communist, all the other countries around it would then become communist as well.  This would be repeated until many other countries around the world were communist.  This was something we feared because we were so afraid of communism as an ideology that could compete with our ideology and maybe defeat us.

Today, we no longer have another ideology or superpower to fear.  We do not fear that many other countries will come to follow a rival ideology.  Therefore, we are no longer fighting a cold war.

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