why are we here and why are we alive?We go on in life doing things but i ask my self why do we have to do it when at the end we will not take any thing with us... so why we do this at all... just...

why are we here and why are we alive?

We go on in life doing things but i ask my self why do we have to do it when at the end we will not take any thing with us... so why we do this at all... just because some one tell u to do it... because that is how it all ways been... because i need to pass on my DNA...becasue that is life n i just have to do it...because life is given to you for u to try to be better then other people...go to school get a diploma n then get a job or be you own boss, make money use it, keep making more then same thing all over then what,,, u go to school, got a good job , u have money...... All that for what lol???

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belarafon eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Purpose, as mentioned by #2, is the reason for continuing to live. Our purpose in life is laid out for us at birth (if we are born into money, or politics, or the military) or chosen during or after school (educational vocation, which classes did you really enjoy, what do you want to make money at) or sometimes it falls in our laps without warning (lottery, death in the family, realizing you are really good at "X" without studying or practicing). We make our own purpose in most things: we set a goal and strive to achieve it, we follow the line set out by our parents, we wander until something strikes our fancy.

Without a Purpose, we feel lost, adrift in a world that doesn't care if we live or die. We must in every case work towards something, even if that something is just living comfortably day-to-day. We cannot divine a magical or spiritual purpose to life unless we are spiritual in our beliefs and faiths; for many people, the loss of their faith removes their Purpose. For those who do not style their lives after religion, Purpose comes entirely from within, and is a powerful motivator. You, above all others, are the decision-maker when it comes to purpose.

To strive for the end, when we think the end is nothing and we take nothing with us and leave nothing behind, becomes depressing. To counter that depression, we create artificial purpose that may or may not be healthy -- booze, sex, money, power. We generalize our purpose based on our system of beliefs, whatever they may be. In the end, though, we leave others behind; their memories of us are what remains. If we leave a Legacy, it is concrete, and can be remembered by those we never met. If we strive to live for ourselves, and not allow others to hijack our living, we can leave behind something that no one can erase; good will and fond memories.

wannam eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a question that people have been struggling with for centuries.  Scientist, philosophers, and religious experts have tried over and over again to answer this question.  Perhaps the real answer is that there is no answer.  Even in something as concrete as mathematics we see that sometimes there is no answer.  Or, perhaps the answer is within each of us.  We have to decide what our answer is within ourselves.  It will not be the same answer for each person.  It might not answer every aspect of the question.  Either we must try to find our own answer or be satisfied that there is no answer at all.  Some people believe that the search for the answer is the reason for life in and of itself.

stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I like #3's response! There are many questions in and about life that I can't answer, so my choice is to leave them to God and deal with the things I can comprehend. I don't know why my husband loves me, but I can do and say things that will support and enhance our relationship. I don't know why the sky is a brilliant blue today, but I can get out and enjoy the gorgeous weather and give thanks for senses of sight and hearing and smell and touch to be able to experience the glorious creation.

The basic question has been asked throughout the ages and has yet to be answered by anyone on this side of Heaven.

missy575 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

All different religions have answers to your questions and they have the same theme in mind: purpose. We get education and have jobs because while we are here, we need things to occupy our minds and hands. Entertainment and work fulfill these needs. But most people need something more. Most people long to leave some kind of legacy or mark on the world, but few lives are as significant as say the late Steve Jobs' life was. You might explore what you believe and see if there isn't a group of people with similar thoughts that you could join.


vangoghfan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One way to think about your question is to say that each person makes his or her own meaning in life in accordance with what each person considers important. Whatever meaning you decide to make doesn't entirely die with you because it lives on after you in the lives of those you influence, who in turn influence others, who in turn influence others.  For all sorts of reasons it seems a good idea to try to have as positive an influence on others as you possibly can.  Good luck to you!

bigdreams1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In my view, the why isn't important. Contemplating the "Why are we here?" question will make you crazy, because there isn't an answer.

I just accept the fact that I AM here...and as long as I am...I might as well do something productive with my life...because as far as I know...I only get one shot at it...so I don't want to waste the life I have been given.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Each of us has to determine the purpose of life.  No one can really answer this question for you.  It is common at your age to be asking yourself these questions.  Many people go through life without finding the answer.  I hope you do!

prhulk | Student

i dont think i'm depressed  or any thing like that i dont do any bad things at all, i just will like to know i do like that number 5 said (frizzyperm) but u said i may thing like this because i'm young n i dont think that is why, maybe some people just give up n acept the that is how it is n how it will be n how it have been, i just feel that there is some thing more out there then life some thing more then any other routine that we are ment to do in life,,, some thing i have all ways think is that we dont have to do things just because  that is how it all ways been or because of the long history of it... when i think i'm depressed i say some thing to my self it the world give me the back i will give my back to it n keep on walking,,, like why cry about it when is done just dont look back n keep walking... but i dont know i just hope that there is more to life after deadth because some one cant just pass away n who u r just pufff... there it have to be some thing out there i just hope i get to it b4 my time is up... i think a lot like this just never talk to any one about it lol

frizzyperm | Student

You're here because your little sperm won a difficult marathon and beat millions of other sperm to your mum's egg. You're a WINNER! I know that doesn't sound like much, but you won a race involving millions of competitors.

All young people feel lost and unsure. Adults should be more honest about it. We ALL felt like you do now. But sooner or later, you have to face up to it... life is plain absurd. Sorry, life does not have an explanation. Strip away the fluff and you are a very small and unimportant ball of cells in a very big and old universe.

OK. So you start from there.

Question 1) Do you want to be happy?

If the answer is 'I don't know' then you are depressed and you should seek professional help you out of your mental spiral. Do not be afraid to ask for help. If you are depressed, you are sick and there are people who can cure you.

If the answer is 'yes' then get out there and live. Break your routine. You are lucky to be alive. Live, sing, make love, climb mountains, hug a tree, dye your hair pink, buy a wombat, whistle dixie, go to work naked... LIVE! LIFE IS WAAAAAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOO! And it is not forever.

Good luck ;-)

(On a practical note. To beat the blues these things work...

  1. eat lots of fruit and vegetables
  2. drink lots of water
  3. maintain regular sleep patterns
  4. get lots of fresh air and exercise
  5. stop doing any drugs/booze you may be doing
  6. stop listening to miserable music
  7. socialize
  8. stop mooching)