why we can't get electricity from lightning?

Expert Answers
jerichorayel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Lightning is a discharged of electrical charged which is stored in the clouds. Generally we can see that the clouds contain different charges and when they interact, lightning will be produced. The electrical forces that lightning can produce are massive and dangerous. It can possibly destroy anything it gets contact with. There are several attempts in collecting the energy from lightning. However, gathering it and using it as a form of energy is not very much strategic. First, as mentioned, it is dangerous. The amount of energy in an instant flash is not always the same because of different factors such as location, humidity, latitudes and prevailing winds. Also, it would be hard to determine where the lightning is going to strike. Storage of the lightning should have an extra-large capacitors - it is hard to build one.  And finally, the amount of energy that can be gathered is not enough for research funding. 

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