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Why are we born and why do we die? Why are we born and why do we die?

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booksnmore eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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Interesting question. I agree with the above posters that it could be answered from a number of different perspectives...probably the top two including something to do with biology or religion. I personally tend to combine the two. God created us by uniting the egg/sperm. But from the moment of creation, we are moving toward death. The process of life on earth is made ever more special because it comes to an end.

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lynn30k eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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You can answer this question without bringing religion in--there is the evolutionary biology perspective. In one sense, different types of life exist because they have turned out to be the most efficient way for DNA to continue to replicate in any given environment. In other words, we are the best-fit organism for our type of DNA molecule. And life dies, apparently, because there is a limit to the number of times cell division can happen in a given organism. There are people experimenting to see if that number can be increased for humans.

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Ruth Williams eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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As a Christian, the spiritual aspect is my philosophy as well. We’re all born as part of God’s plan, and it is our responsible to be open to where he plans for us to serve. One of those areas is to witness about his greatness and his son as Lord and Savior so that others might be born again. We die as part of God’s plan as well, and even though some die “needlessly” or violently or much to soon by our judgment, we are all a cog in the wheel.

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marbar57 eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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Why are we born and why do we die?

Why are we born and why do we die?

  That's a very sensitive question and needs a sensitive answer.  I believe you have to bring religion into the equation before you can give the answer, too.  I'm Christian and I believe that we're born into this life for a purpose and that's to become like our Heavenly Father.  And, we die because our bodies wear out and give up.  That's all!

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lrwilliams eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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This is indeed a philosophical question. Some might say that we are born to carry out God's will and to serve him. They might also say that we die as a reward for beliving in and serving God. We are then allowed to spend eternity at God's side.

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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The answer to both of these questions, of course, is only to be found in philosophy or religion.  (Unless you just want a biological explanation of why one is born and why one dies.)

Christianity, at least, argues that we are born because God wants us to be born.  We are born so that we can live on Earth and show what sort of people we are.  Once we have shown this, we can be judged.  After being judged, we will be treated in the after life according to what we deserve.

So, in this view, we are born because God wants us to be.  And our correct purpose in life would be to serve and obey God.

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jess1999 | Student

As a Christian , I believe that we are here on this earth because God want us to fulfill his plans . He wants us to be able to know if we're able to love him on earth even though there are many temptations around us . God also wants us to be able to help everyone to know that God loves them . Also , the reason why we die eventually is because God believes that our time on earth is done . 

ik9744 | Student

This question may have multiple answers depending on the person's opinion. In my opinion since I am Christian and a strong believer. I believe we were sent by God from Heaven. He sent us because he wants us to carry out his plans and make the non-believers faithful to God. He is also testing us if we are worthy or not to be go to Heaven. God sends Angels to watch over us to see if we're doing the right thing or not. The reason we die is God has tested us enough, and according the the bible God already knows when we die, how we die, and why we die already. It's all plan, yet you can't escape from the death he knows. There was this guy, a priest, told a story about how he all of the sudden died from sudden blood lost on his bed because God wants him to see what Hell is like. He experienced hell and called out to God and he saved him. He was revived 20 minutes later miraculously and from that day he continues to tell the story of how carefully God plans about the death of his people.

If you don't believe in Christ then there wouldn't be a reason why we are born and the reason we die. Some people believe that we are born because of the, "Big Bang" Yet it is very hard to believe that. At least for me.

There is a reason why the ancient people all the way until today bury dead people in dirt. The reason is in Genesis it says Humans are created from dirt from God, so it'll be natural to return the dirt where it belongs after it dies. They decompose in the dirt.

Not trying to offend any other religion but I think and strongly believe that God will return to earth at the End Times. He will destroy the evil things that we do, and most people live for that. For God will bring justice to the world and remove the nonspiritual people who sin. That doesn't mean whoever sins before will die or go to Hell it means that if you ask for forgiveness from God he will forgive you. For God has not imaginable love towards everyone he created even the ones that do evil everyday. As long as you have faith you will get justice from him and eternal life.

Short Answer:

God created us to be born from Heaven because he want to test us if we are worthy or not. He also wants us to change the non-believers to have faith in him. He will judge us when it is time, and the reason we die is God is done testing us. He already knows the time we die and how we die.

Sorry if this offends other religion or makes someone mad, but this answer is solely on my faith and belief. This is also my opinion too, everyone has different opinions and shouldn't judge others' opinion for it's not them that should judge others. :P  Hope this helps.

nusratfarah | Student

This is a philosophical and a religious issue to me. Indeed, it is a very subjective question.

A human is born to die, but his/her life is a test for the upcoming trial in the after-world. This is my religious belief. And, if viewed philosophically, human life has a certain purpose, and to utilise the purpose, he/she is born, and then dies since his/her life is transient. The transience of life makes him/her more concerned about life's utility and significance.

beefheart | Student

Apart from the biological explanations in answers 6 and 7, there are no reasons. We come from nothing, we go back to nothing.

krishna-agrawala | Student

This is a philosophical question. If we want to search for a purpose or objective of anything, we accept the existence of an entity that has the purpose or the objective. For many thousands of years the quest of this entity has come up with only one set of similar concept - the concept of God.

Assuming that there is a God who has created this world, then it will be reasonable to assume that this God would like this world to function well. If one accepts that, then perhaps it is easy for us to accept purpose of life as contributing to effective working of the world, as the God wants it to function.

If there is no God, then there can be no central purpose. The entire universe is meaningless and purposeless. Every individual is then justified in acting in ways best suited to him or her. But it so happens that interests of the individuals are also best served if the world as a whole functions effectively. So we are back to square one. God or no God - the best purpose to which we can devote our lives remains same.

epollock | Student

We are born because an egg is fertilized by sperm, and through cell division, grows into a full human being. We die through a process called aging. The process of life and death is a natural recurring event as all things must come to an end.