Why wasn't Troy okay with Cory playing football in Fences?

Troy wasn't okay with Cory playing football in Fences because he was worried that the fact that he is black will stop him from getting to the top in this sport, just like it stopped Troy from getting to the top in baseball.

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Troy had a problem with his son, Cory, getting serious about football because he believes the color of his skin will not work in his favor in this sport. He fears that white boys will get opportunities that he does not. This is based on his own disappointments earlier in life, when the color of his skin stood between him and his dream of becoming a professional baseball player. Troy is blinded by the disappointments of his past, and cannot see the golden opportunity that Cory has in front of him.

His wife's arguments that times have changed fall on deaf ears, and Troy tells Cory to study hard so that he can work his way up within the company that he is currently working for. If Cory is not keen on that, Troy says he can go and learn how to be a builder or a mechanic and make a living with his hands. The one thing he is NOT allowed to do is fixate on a future as a sportsman.

Troy has fallen into the exact trap that lawmakers who wrote racist rules and laws hoped that he would: he has come...

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