Zimmerman Telegram Significance

Why was the Zimmerman Note significant to WWI?

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The Zimmermann Note, or telegram, was sent by German Foreign Minister Arthur Zimmermann in 1917. He had sent it to his ambassador in Mexico and the goal was to get Mexico to become an ally of Germany. He offered a great deal of financial support along with Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico if they won the war. The note also encouraged Mexico to gain Japan as an ally as well.

President Wilson received the note and it was released to the the United States public and they were outraged. Mexico and Japan denied any involvement with Germany. The United States declared war soon after.

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The Zimmermann Note (it has two "ns" at the end -- I never realized that until I taught a German exchange student) was a major factor in getting the US to enter WWI.

This note was sent from Germany to Mexico.  It proposed to have Mexico enter the war against the US, on the side of Germany.  It said that Germany would, after it won the war, give the Southwestern US back to Mexico.

This helped get the US into the war by inflaming US public opinion.  When the note was leaked (the British had intercepted it) it mad Americans quite angry.

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