Crazy Rich Asians

by Kevin Kwan

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Why was the character Zhou Fang Min in prison in Crazy Rich Asians?

Expert Answers

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Rachel's shocked to discover that her father, Zhou Fang Min, is in prison. Actually, she's shocked to discover he's still alive, as she always thought he was dead. But the evidence is right there in black and white in the form of an old newspaper article that Eleanor shows Rachel. The article is about the imprisonment of what the reporter describes as the "monster" responsible for the Huo Peng Condo tragedy. Zhou Fang Min was sent to jail for ordering illegal cost-cutting measures that led directly to a major construction accident in Shenzhen in which seventy-four workers were killed.

Nick's grandmother shakes her head at this shocking revelation, wondering why Nick would ever think of marrying someone from such a disreputable family. For his part, Nick is furious with his mother for having Rachel's family investigated. For good measure, he tells his mom that he now understands why his father moved to Sydney: it was because he couldn't stand being around Eleanor. As for Rachel, she mutters "I think . . . need air" before collapsing into the wicker tea cart.

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