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Why was the Articles Of Confederation written?

The Articles of Confederation was written in order to provide a national framework of government that would unite the colonists during the Revolutionary War.

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The Articles of Confederation was written in order to unite the colonists during the Revolutionary War. The Articles allowed the colonists to act as a united front against Parliament and discouraged any colony or region from negotiating a separate peace with the British army. Under the Articles, the national government could only request funds and any amendments required the agreement of all the states. Legislation required the approval of nine of the thirteen states, and all of the states had the same level of representation regardless of population. Under the Articles, Congress could not regulate trade. There was also no provision for a national court or a president.

In order to rebel against a centralized authority, the government under the Articles of Confederation represented a polar shift from a strong national government. The states were willing to cooperate when faced with the threat of the British army, though Washington had to continually beg for his Continental army to receive funds and supplies. The government under the Articles could only request money from the states; state leaders, beholden to their constituents, were often reluctant to pay more than what they viewed as their fair share of the national burden. The Articles represented the US's first attempt at national government; however, there were few provisions to ensure that the government would ever be truly national without a common threat to unite the states.

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