Why was the tearing down of the Berlin Wall in 1989 such an important event? I know its important to the people of berlin, but need a broader and more explained answer! any more ideas you could give me!

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The fall of the Berlin Wall was important because it represented the end of the Cold War. 

Ever since the Berlin Wall was put up in 1961, it was a symbol of the tensions between communism and democracy.  It was a symbol of how these tensions divided the entire world.  It was the most recognizable physical symbol of this time in history.  When the Berlin Wall fell, it was a physical manifestation of the end of the era.  It was an action that would have been unimaginable only five years earlier.  The fall of the wall was a huge event in the minds of those who were grown up at the time because it represented the end of an era that had never seemed likely to end.

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