Why was the Step Pyramid built?

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Step pyramids are generally very large structures and are made of stone. They are located all over the world.

Step pyramids in Mesopotamia were called ziggurats. They were used as religious monuments and usually had some sort of shrine on the top.

Early Egyptian pyramids were step pyramids as well. They were uses as tombs.

Mayan cities, as well as Aztec cities, built step pyramids. Mayans often built pyramids as a way to perform and carry out sacrificial rituals while others were forbidden to be touched and had doorways that led to nowhere.


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Pyramids are big structures which looks like a big heap or a a hill with a square bases and four sloping sides. These sloping sides are triangular and meet at a point at the top.  Several ancient peoples used pyramids as tombs or temples. The Egyptians thought that a person's body had to be preserved and protected so the soul could live forever. The pyramids could have smooth sides or stepped sides. Stepped pyramids are pyramids with stepped sides. Also "step pyramid" is a proper name assigned to a specific pyramid.

The first known stepped pyramid was built in Egypt for King Zoser at Saqqarah about 2650 B.C. It was built by Imhotep, a great architect and statesman. The tomb rises about 60 metres in six giant steps and is called the Step Pyramid. This pyramid is still existing.

Several ancient peoples of Central and South America also built pyramids.  They built stepped pyramids that had flat tops.  They used the flat tops as platforms for their temples.

The Mochica of Peru built pyramids made of large bricks. The ancient Maya of Central America built pyramid-shaped mounds of earth with temples on top. The Toltec of central Mexico also built big stepped pyramids.