Why was someone knocking on the window (in the opening of Elie Wiesel's Night)?

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A passage on page fourteen of Elie Wiesel's Night states why someone was knocking on the window of Elie's family home. The Jewish people of Sighet had been told to pack because liquidations would begin the following day. Elie and his family had just heard the news and were speaking about what they thought was to come. At one point, they heard a knock at the window. At the time of the knock, the Wiesel family did not know why someone was at their window. As they later found out, the person at the window was a friend of Elie's father (and a member of the Hungarian police). He had told Elie's family that if he had news of something bad happening that he would warn them. The knock at the window was the man's warning. Since they had waited too long to open the window, the man was gone and so was the warning. 


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