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Why was slavery bad in 1800-1850? I have to debate against someone in class about slavery. Hes for,im against.I need information of why slavery was bad in 1800-1850?Also if you can why it was good so i know how i can debate against it.Thank you!

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The most effective way for you to debate this is simply to ask whether you (or the person you are debating) would like to be a slave.  Can you imagine any situation in which you would actually want to be a slave?  If you were a slave, you could look forward to:

  • Being beaten if you did not work as well as expected.
  • Being sold whenever your owner felt like it.  This could happen to you even if you had family.  You could be sold away from them and never have the ability to see them again.  If you were a parent, this could happen to your children.
  • Having absolutely no freedom to go where you want or do what you want.
  • Having to worry (if you were female) about being raped by your owner or by any of the white people on the plantation.  If you were a man, you of course had no way to prevent your wife or daughter from having this happen to her.

Surely no one would want any of these things to happen to them.  If you want justifications for slavery, go to this link.

I notice that someone has put an answer in before mine.  Please do not use the smallpox part of her answer.  It is not correct.  Africans had been exposed to smallpox and did not die from it like Native Americans.

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magnolia16 | Student

Slavery was good because it helped the economy. it also helped with growing food.The land owners wanted to make the most money and would do anything to get it.  

magnolia16 | Student

Slavery was bad because the slaves were taken to new lands and they were open to new killers(smallpox). They were forced to work until they died or were sold somewhere else.Slavery also broke up families and took kids away from their parents.