Why was Salman Rushdie issued a Fatwa after he wrote Satanic Verses?

william1941 | Student

Satanic Verses is a book by Indian born British author Salman Rushdie. In the book there is a particular section titled Return to Jahilia where the author describes the conquest of Jahilia by Mahmound. The Persian named Salman, in his complaints to Baal stresses on the problems in the absurd sacred verses written by Mahmound, especially the way women are portrayed in them.

This section of the book was found extremely offensive and blasphemous by Muslims around the World, with the spiritual leader of Iran Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini issuing a fatwa in the name of Rushdie and offering a $1 million award to anyone who fulfils it.

mailtogaurav | Student

i alaways say whenever the question of religion arises reasons die .

  salman  was  very irresponsible in his book while referring Mahmound . he seemed to challenge verses of quran .it was salman's fourth novel . references that were  blasphemous caused controversy .



boeing | Student

why Salman was issued a Fatwa is becouse that he wrote something that was so offensive toward Muslims and that was SATIRIZEING the great Quran and its verses and also all other Islamic symbols.

Imam Khomeini said that anybody can kill him but there was no any award for him.we Muslims shoud not let any one,crosses our red lines otherwise he should be punished severly.what Imam khomeini did,privented Roland Emmerich the director of 2012 movie from destroying Kaba (the holy place for Muskim located in Saudi Arabia) in his film.He said that I afraided of some one like Imam Khomeini to issues a Fatwa about me.

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