Why was Ruth worried about Edek (page 93) in The Silver Sword?

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Hello! In The Silver Sword, the Balicki family are trying to reunite with each other in the aftermath of WWII. Ruth, Bronia and Edek are the courageous Balicki children who try to find their father, Joseph, and their mother, Magrit, after they are both imprisoned by the Nazis.

When Edek is captured by the Nazis for participating in an underground food market, Ruth and Bronia must gather their wits to find their brother again. Edek's crime? While collaborating with farmers to sell food to starving Polish families, Edek was captured with butter sewn into his coat; the farmers were only allowed to sell to Nazis.

Ruth and Bronia set out to find their brother. They learn that he eventually escaped; in the village of Kolina, at a refugee field kitchen, they are reunited with Edek. However, Ruth is worried about Edek because he has contracted tuberculosis and is getting worse by the day. The river adventure after their stay with the Bavarian farmer further weakens Edek's immune system; the pain in his chest has gotten worse and his coughing has become relentless. Ruth worries that if they don't reach Switzerland soon, Edek may not live.

Fortunately for the children, they do make their way to Switzerland, where eighteen months in a hospital and six months of Swiss mountain air sufficiently heal Edek to the point that he is able to leave for studies in Zurich.

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