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Why was Ruth upset when Walter gave Travis the money?

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On many levels, the moment of exchange between Travis and Walter with Ruth watching sums up much of the relationship between husband and wife.  Travis asks Ruth for the money and she refuses, knowing very well of the financial condition of the family and the need to save every possible morsel of money.  Yet, when Travis asks Ruth, Walter does not consult his wife nor does he give a thought.  He gives Travis even more than he asked.  The irony of this is that before he leaves for work, he has to ask Ruth for money since he gave his last amount to Travis.  Ruth's anger at her husband is not so much for his economically challenged condition, but rather because he does not possess a sense of realism towards their financial condition which screams for realistic perception.  At the same time, her frustration with him is because of his desire to want to assert control of the family without even checking or collaborating with Ruth.

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