Was the Russian Revolution necessary?

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Whether the Russian Revolution -- and there was actually a series of revolts and revolutions from 1825 through 1917 -- was "necessary" is entirely a matter of perspective.  If you were a member of Russia's upper class, then the revolutution that deposed the Romanov Dynasty was neither necessary nor inevitable.  From an outsiders historically perspective, a Russian revolution was inevitable because the era of unquestioned rule by monarchs was ending around the world.  

Russian history, dating to the era of Kievan Rus (9th to 13th Centuries), when the seat of Russian heritage and politics was in the city of what is today the capital of Ukraine, Kiev, is one long tale of misery and deprivation visited upon millions of peasants.  The Romanov Dynasty, when the czars ruled, began in 1613 and was marked by imperial rule, repression of the peasantry, and frequent wars against outside invaders.  In the midst of this environment, especially starting in the early 19th Century, revolutionary...

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