Why was Rakesh's family happy about their son's return from the U.S.?

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Rakesh is a brilliant medical student. He didn't just graduate at the top of his class; he finished ahead of every other medical student in India. Having earned his degree, Rakesh heads off for the United States, where he embarks upon a brilliant career in medicine. Yet despite his enormous success, Rakesh chooses to return home to stay with his parents in that shabby little yellow house where he'd grown up.

Rakesh' parents are overjoyed at his return. His mother is rather glad—not to say, relieved—that Rakesh has not come home with a foreign wife on his arm as many of her neighbors had warned. Instead, Rakesh is happy to go along with an arranged marriage to a young girl, the daughter of one of his mother's childhood friends.

As for Rakesh's father, he's pleased at the enormous prestige that his son's return has brought him. He's also glad of Rakesh's assistance when he retires and his wife passes away. The old man needs the almost constant attention of this most devoted of sons, especially in relation to his numerous ailments, both real and imagined.

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