Why was the queen angry with Gulliver?

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The Empress of Lilliput becomes very angry with and resentful of Gulliver when her rooms in the palace catch on fire and he puts the fire out by urinating all over her rooms.  Her subjects first tried to put the fire out with buckets of water, but their buckets were only the size of thimbles, and Gulliver could clearly see that they were failing in their efforts. He says that he would have been able to smother the fire with his coat, but he'd left it behind when he rushed to the palace. The flames made him hot, and so he quenched his thirst with a large quantity of wine, and he says that he "voided [the urine] in such a Quantity, and applied [it] so well to the proper Places, that in three Minutes the Fire was wholly extinguished [...]." However, it is actually illegal for anyone to even pee inside the palace, let alone to completely cover it with urine. Gulliver soon learns that the Empress actually forbids the rooms to be repaired for her use and that she vows to seek revenge on him for the slight. Later, this incident is used against him when he is accused of treason.

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