In "The Crucible", why was John Proctor trying so hard to please Elizabeth?In, The Crucible, Act 2..

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In Act 2, John Proctor is trying so hard to please Elizabeth because he is trying to get her to forgive him for the affair that he had with Abigail Williams.  It is clear through the interactions of these two character in the beginning of Act 2 that John has been trying to get Elizabeth to forgive him for quite a while now (over 6 months) but she is still very cold and unfeeling toward him.  Proctor does a few things in this act that tell the reader he is trying to get her forgiveness -- he tells her how well seasoned her food is after he reseasons it himself; he tells her that he is going to buy a cow from a neighbor and asks if that would make her happy; he then directly says to her, "I mean to please you Elizabeth."