In Night, why was the prisoner in charge of Elie's block removed from this position?

Expert Answers
lsumner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Chapter Three of Night, the prisoner in charge is Polish. The Polish prisoner is too humane. He is replaced because he is not hard enough on the Jews. He is kind when he greets them and he tries to encourage them that liberation is on the way. He also tells the new prisoners that the only way to survive is to help each other. He allows them to go to bed and get some rest. 

The Polish prisoner in charge of the bunkhouse spoke compassionately. He said "good night" to the Jews. Wiesel said "those were the first human words" he had heard. 

Because of his gentle kindness, the Polish prisoner is replaced. Because he encouraged the Jewish prisoners, the Polish leader is replaced. He encouraged the Jews to keep the faith. The Polish prisoner is much too kind and the Nazis replaced him with someone who would treat the Jewish prisoners cruelly.