Why was President Roosevelt's plan for a national recovery called a "new deal" for Americans?

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The "New Deal" was called that because it set up a new relationship between the American people and their government.  Before the New Deal, Americans did not really expect their government to do much to help them economically.  The New Deal changed this.  It set up a system in which people could expect the government to help them when they were in economic difficulties.  Under this "new deal" the government would regulate the economy to try to prevent things like the Depression from happening.  In addition, it would help people when they did end up struggling economically.  This represented a new understanding of the relationship between people and the government.

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The '' new deal'' gave Americans hope econimcally and trust in their government. For years, the economy crashed and things were taken away from them so Roosevelt's plan for relief was considered a " new deal" in a sense that poverty would be over with and there would be a new beginning.

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