why was presedent andrew jackson a significant change to the line of presedents?what made him different? what events made a major change to american history?  

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saintfester eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Andrew Jackson changed the face of the American presidency in many different ways. He was the first president born outside of Massachusetts or Virginia, and being from the west represented a new type of American; the frontiersman, who would come to dominate American politics as the century wore on. He was the first self-made man in the White House, or the first president who came from humble, common stock rather than a rich plantation family or establish line of lawyers. Jackson was also the first president to really understand that the president was the people’s best connection with their government, and therefore he did many things to try and garner the support of commoners, who worshipped him as a hero. He was the first Democrat in office, and did much to remove the entrenched Republican bureaucracy that many saw as corrupt or unresponsive to the desires of the people. He developed the concept of Rotation of Office, which brought new faces into the Executive Branch, as well as the idea of presidents having smaller groups of advisors outside the cabinet. He called his the Kitchen Cabinet because they routinely met in the White House kitchen to discuss policy.