Why was the Peckham murder regarded as open and shut case?in the story<the case for the defence>

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In this story, the case of the murder seems to be open and shut.  This means that it is really obvious that the accused is guilty and it will be easy to convict him.

There are two main reasons why this case is going to be so easy.

The first reason is that the accused man, Adams, looks very distinctive.  He has bulging eyes and a very strange physical appearence.  That means it will be hard to mistake someone else for him.

The second reason is that there are 4 witnesses who have all seen him quite clearly in very incriminating circumstances.

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The case was regarded as open and shut case because adam was seen by 4 persons on the murder night and that he has no strong point to save him.Moreover, his apperances was like a bad man which if a person sees did not forget for a long time.

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The story is an open and shut case because Adams has no chance to escape because he was seen by 4 people. His appearances were very hard to forget and so it was very tough for him to get out unharmed.