In "Frindle", why was Nick worried that 5th grade would be a very long year?

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Nick Allen is a clever little boy.  He had a reputation for being able to stall teachers with open ended questions.  He is very worried about the fifth grade because this is the first year where his classes will count toward his education.  This is the first year where the teachers will actually take grades and he is especially worried about Mrs. Granger.  He tells the reader  that Mrs. Granger has a monopoly on English in the fifth grade and her reputation is one of a very hard teacher.  She is very big on vocabulary and she makes the children look up a lot of words.  Nick is worried that he will have too much homework in the fifth grade and that he will really have a hard time with Mrs. Granger.  His fears turn out to be true.  He does have difficulty with her.

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