Why was Martin Luther King Jr. more significant than Malcolm X?

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The modern consciousness regarding the Civil Rights Movement is one where Dr. King is located at its center.  Dr. King is the fulcrum point from which all else in the movement rotates.  Dr. King can be seen as more significant than Malcolm X because of his ability to reach across racial lines and construct the Civil Rights Movement as a human issue.  

Prior to Dr. King, White Americans had viewed the issue of Civil Rights as a political issue, one where states rights and issues of federalism trumped all.  Yet, Dr. King placed the Civil Rights debate in moralistic terms.  Invoking Gandhian precepts, Dr. King transformed the discussion into one where human notions of the good were posited. When Dr. King speaks of his "dream," one sees how the issue of Civil Rights is a moral and spiritual issue, a construction where the ability for the individual to envision a better life for themselves and their loved ones is a part...

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