Why was Louise from Jacob, Have I Loved jealous throughout the book?

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Louise was jealous of her twin sister, Caroline.  Her jealousy had existed for so long that it turned to bitterness.  Louise felt that Caroline was treated better from the beginning.  Her sister had been born sickly, and was taken to the hospital on the mainland.  Their mother spent considerable amounts of time visiting baby Caroline and breastfeeding her.  Louise, meanwhile, was left on the small island of Rass with her father and her cantankerous grandmother, where she was fed nothing but "tinned milk formula."  Caroline was considered to be more beautiful than Louise, which also fed the bitterness.  When they had chicken pox, only Louise kept the scars.  Caroline also was quite talented.  She could play the piano well and sing beautifully.  Caroline had more opportunities because of her talents, including weekly vocal lessons on the mainland.  Louise had been told that she never caused her parents "a minute's worry."  She wished they would worry about her, though.  She felt that everyone's concerns were focused on Caroline.

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