Why was life harder at Auschwitz than it had been at Lodz?

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Hello! In Daniel's Story, a young boy, Daniel, and his family are initially forced to leave their home in Frankfurt for the ghettos in Lodz, Poland.When the Lodz ghetto is slowly dissolved, Daniel and his father find themselves on the way to Auschwitz. In Chapter 9, Daniel's father fears that both Mother and Erika are dead. He has heard from a guard that the Germans have selected some to be gassed and their bodies burned. Daniel tries to rally his father by reminding him that both of them survived the selection process, and that Erika and Mother may have done so as well.

Daniel relates that in Auschwitz, the Jews were used as slave labor. They were fed on little food, and many were forced to labor beyond their strength. The part of the camp they were in was actually called Auschwitz-Birkenau. This is where...

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