Why was Karl Marx important to the Industrial Revolution?

One reason why Karl Marx was important to the Industrial Revolution was that he criticized it and offered an alternative viewpoint, condemning the greed and exploitation involved and anticipating a revolution of the working class.

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Karl Marx was an important figure during the industrial revolution in his anti-capitalist analysis of industrialization. Marx developed and published anti-capitalist literature that details how workers are inherently exploited and oppressed under the capitalist system. Additionally, Marx details how workers are particularly oppressed in the factory system in which working conditions of the industrial revolution era were often horrendous and abuses by foremen were everyday occurrences. Marx understood that capitalism, including industrialized capitalism, would always mean oppression for the working class.

Marx saw industrialism as the next step of a capitalist system, and also saw the industrial era as the best era for workers to come together and resist the economic system. Marx believed that workers would develop a sense of class consciousness under the industrialized capitalist system, and that the conditions of the factory system would push workers to revolts. As wealth disparities...

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