Why were Juliet's parents mean to her?  no

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dneshan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Juliet’s parents become mean to her when they tell her that she will be marrying Count Paris and she tells them that she will have nothing to do with him.  In Act 1, Juliet already tells her mother that she is not sure if she will marry or even like Count Paris and once she meets Romeo all hope of her marrying Paris is completely gone.  In Act 3 after the death of Tybalt, her parents tell her that she will be marrying Paris and the wedding will happen within days – this is because they are afraid that other deaths might take place because of the feuding between the two families.  Juliet, already being married to Romeo, begs her mother to see her side but her mother is completely “mean” to her, telling her that it is up to her father and will have nothing to do with the decision.  Meanwhile, Juliet’s father thinks that she is being totally disrespectful when she says she is not proud of who she is and that she refuses to marry Paris.  His response to this is that she will marry Paris or Lord Capulet will kick her out and have her killed.  Therefore, Juliet’s parents are men to her because they want her to get married and she refuses and they feel that she is being disrespectful toward them and their family.

jess1999 | Student

Juliet's parents got mad at her because when they told her to marry Paris she refused . Lord Capulet hearing that she refuses got super mad thinking that she was being ungrateful . He basically threatens her to either marry Paris or be disown .