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Without a more specific page or chapter reference, I can only hazard a best guess as to which time this question is specifically referring to. More than likely, this question is asking about Judith, Kit, and William Ashby. Judith has grown up Puritan, and she is a hard worker; however, she is also beautiful. If there is a chance for any member of the family marrying "up" and gaining more wealth and social prestige, Judith is the person most likely to do that. She has her eyes and heart set upon William Ashby, who is essentially Wethersfield's most eligible bachelor. He is both wealthy and good looking. What is equally important is that everybody assumes that William has feelings for Judith as well, so everything points toward a solid future for Judith.

Then Kit enters the picture. William is initially very attracted to her exotic appeals. Kit is attractive, wears nice dresses, and comes from an exotic location. William surprises everyone by beginning to court Kit on weekends, and as much as Judith tries to cover it up, she is upset that the beautiful future that she envisioned for herself is essentially being stolen from her by the out-of-town girl. Fortunately, it all works out in the end, because Judith and William do end up getting married.

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