Why was Jordan flattered that Daisy wanted to speak to her?

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In chapter four, Nick travels with Jay Gatsby into the city and listens to his fabricated life story before meeting the shady Meyer Wolfsheim. While they are together, Gatsby proceeds to ask Nick if he will speak to Jordan on his behalf, and Nick has a conversation with her later that afternoon.

During his conversation with Jordan Baker, she tells him the story of Gatsby and Daisy's previous romance. Back in 1917, when Jordan was sixteen and Daisy was eighteen, Gatsby was just a young military officer in a clean white uniform stationed in Louisville. Jordan tells Nick that Daisy Fay was one of the most popular girls in all of Louisville at the time, and young officers were continually calling her home in hopes of taking her on a date.

One day, Jordan was walking by Daisy's home when she noticed that Daisy was sitting with a handsome young lieutenant that she had never seen before. She mentions that Daisy and the young officer were so engrossed in each other that Daisy barely noticed her walking by the house. Surprisingly, Daisy called Jordan's name and asked her to come over. Jordan tells Nick,

I was flattered that she wanted to speak to me, because of all the older girls I admired her most. (81)

Essentially, Jordan Baker was flattered that Daisy Fay wanted to speak with her because Daisy was the most popular girl in town. Daisy Fay was a beautiful, wealthy teenager who everybody wanted to be like and was someone Jordan looked up to, which explains why she was flattered that Daisy wanted to speak to her.

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