How did Silver allay Jim's suspicions, and what did the Squire and the Doctor think of Silver? Why was Jim so excited over the coming voyage? 

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Jim was excited about the coming voyage for several reasons.  First there is the prospect of treasure to gain, and even more importantly to Jim, there is the prospect of adventure.  Although Jim recognizes the evil in the pirates he has met, he still admires them.  They are so exciting in comparison to his father who is ordinary and unexciting.  Jim is encouraged in his excitement by Dr. Livingston and Squire Trelawney who also allowed themselves to get excited about the voyage and the possibility of treasure.

Silver allayed Jim's suspicions by agreeing with Jim in his negative opinion of the Black Dog and Pew, and by spending time with Jim, telling him about ships and sea life.

Squire Trelawney liked and pitied Silver after Silver told him how he wanted to get back to sea and how he had not gotten a pension for the loss of his leg.  Dr. Livsey also liked Silver when he met him and later asserts that he trusts him completely.

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