Why was it ethically wrong for Frankenstein to create a monster in Mary Shelley's book Frankenstein?

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There are all sorts of reasons why it was wrong for Frankenstein to create the monster. But arguably the biggest one is that he was motivated by the wrong considerations.

Frankenstein didn't create the monster to benefit humankind; he created it for his own benefit. He wanted to be worshipped by a new race of creatures who'd bow down before their creator like a god. He also wanted to be lionized and adored by his fellow scientists, awestruck as they'd be by such a remarkable scientific breakthrough.

For Victor, creating the monster was all about looking out for Number One. He never once stopped to consider the potentially catastrophic effects of such a dangerous experiment. All that mattered to him was playing God. Instead of using his massive intellect and scientific knowledge to make the world a better place, he abused his undoubted talent to satisfy his own monstrous ego.

If Frankenstein had been more humble, then he wouldn't have engaged in such blatantly immoral practices. He would've...

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