Why was the invention of the sewing machine so important?

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In Connecticut during 1846 the sewing machine was invented by Elias Howe. This seemingly simple invention would kick off industrial, social, and technological revolutions. The sewing machine made the production of clothing extreme less expensive. Also it sped up industrialization, a movement that had begun a few decades earlier and would be cause for larger and more modern textile mills to be built. For instance, the Willimantic Linen Company built a granite mill and a modern brick mill. Since the sewing machine changed the way clothes were made, it caused the end of the cotton industry and handmade clothes. It would also bring in the age of sweatshops. The sewing machine was an ingenious idea that appealed to the middle class women/homemakers, it allowed for women of the middle class to show that they too could master the next complicated machinery that was being developed. The sewing machine was available around fifty years before automobiles or typewriters. No other machine had as much impact as the sewing machine when it came to the image of women and their work during the modern era.

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