Why was the Industrial Revolution called a revolution?  

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Revolutions refer to critical turning points in human history. (Consider, for example, the impact of the Neolithic Revolution, which entailed the discovery of agriculture.) In this respect, the Industrial Revolution is a revolution due to the far-reaching reverberations it has had and the degree to which it has reshaped human history.

Industrialization entailed the transition from an agrarian economy to one based in manufacturing. Historically, before the Industrial Revolution, economies were based in agriculture (with wealth and status ultimately tied to control over land) while manufacturing tended to be comparatively limited and largely local in its reach.

Thus, the Industrial Revolution resulted in profound economic, political, and demographic shifts. Consider the growth of industrial cities (which, in turn, brought about such problems as pollution and urban crowding). Industrialization also did much to reshape Western society and culture: consider how these economic transformations...

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