Why was the Industrial Revolution called a revolution?  

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Industrial Revolution was truly a revolution. It brought about many changes that impacted many people.

The Industrial Revolution changed the working environment significantly. Before the Industrial Revolution, many people worked at home or in small working environments. The workers often knew the owners and their families. The working environment was fairly informal. Products were often made by hand. When the Industrial Revolution arrived, things changed. Machines were used to make the products. More people worked in factories. The workers often didn't know the owners. Working conditions weren’t very good. Factories were often unsafe and unclean. Workers had long hours and had low pay. Working conditions deteriorated during the Industrial Revolution.

The Industrial Revolution also impacted the economy. Many new products were developed. Products could be made quicker because the machines made it easier and quicker to produce things. Transportation improved making it easier and quicker to transport products and people. This allowed the economy to grow because more products were being made and being sold. People could move to the western regions easier than in the past. Businesses expanded as they followed the people. Thus, the economy and the country grew.

The changes that occurred because of the Industrial Revolution were very significant. The name is very appropriate.