Why was the Han Dynasty seen as “Glorious”? Is this perception accurate? Why or why not?Han Dynasty

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The Han Dynasty is considered the golden age of Chinese culture; and this may lend itself to it being referred to as Glorious. It was during the  Han dynasty, which lasted for four hundred years (with a brief hiatus) that China was brought under centralized rule. China was divided into administrative districts with officials who answered directly to the Emperor. Legalism, a Chinese doctrine or orderliness and obedience, became the standard for reform under Emperor Liu Bang. Roads and canals were constructed, government monopolies on iron and salt were imposed, and an imperial university was established to educate young men in Civil Service, primarily on Confucian principles. Interestingly, Liu Bang personally had nothing but contempt for education. He once publicly urinated into the cap of a Confucian scholar to demonstrate his disdain.

Sadly, after almost four hundred years, the dynasty ended because of infighting among members of the royal family, Confucian scholars and court eunuchs.


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