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For people on the Home Front, the Great Depression helped pave the way for World War II. The Depression prepared them for wartime. By the time the United States entered World War II in 1941, the Great Depression had been going on for over a decade.

During the Great Depression, many people had to reduce, reuse, and recycle because they could not afford to do otherwise. People thought of creative ways to reuse things and many times did without. This ability to adapt was essential in World War II, when food, rubber, and gas were rationed. It was considered patriotic to save cooking oil and collect scrap metal. Many people used secondhand tires on their cars to conserve rubber. People transitioned from the Great Depression to World War II somewhat seamlessly.

Both World War II and the Great Depression were times filled with hardship. People had to face each day with strength and courage. Many had to sacrifice the safety and comforts of home.

Men and some women joined federal work programs, such as the WPA, during the Great Depression. While employed, workers traveled to different places away from their families. During World War II, many men and some women left their homes to join the military.