Why was the Globe Theater located where it was and how long did it take to build?Why was it built?

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jilllessa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Globe Theater was not the first theater built in London.  James Burbage had built a theater, just called The Theater,  in the 1570's and had left it to his son, Cuthbert brother of the Shakespearean actor Richard Garbage.  The land that the original theater had been leased and in 1597 when Cuthbert tried to renegotiate the lease, he failed to do so.  Thus he obtained land on the the other side of the Thames in Southwark.  Brubage got Shakespeare and others involved in the ownership of the Theater so that he could be assured of having a good supply of good production.   The actors themselves dismantled the old theater and moved the parts across to build the new theater, which was named the Globe Theater.