In The Giver, what made the Giver decide to make a plan for change?

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He had always just gone along with the way things were in the community, like everyone else.  However, when Jonas becomes the new Receiver, he opens the Giver's eyes to the realities of what is going on there.  Jonas's reaction to the release of the infant twin really spurs the Giver into action.  He realizes that while they have managed to preserve peace, the people in the community are blind to some of the atrocities they live with because of their lack of memory and emotion.  He begins to understand that the community denies its citizens their free will and their clarity of understanding, and he wants that to change.  He knows it will be hard for everyone, but he believes it is what is best for them as well.  Having met Jonas, the Giver now realizes that it might be possible to help the community get emotions and memories back.  Without Jonas, he probably never would have come to that decision because he never would have thought of the possibility.

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