Why was the Giver a good choice for the position of Receiver?

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Hello! In The Giver, Jonas has been chosen to be the next Receiver Of Memories. The Receiver is the most respected Elder in the community. The Chief Elder explains that Jonas has all the qualities of a Receiver: intelligence, integrity, courage, the ability to receive wisdom, and a skill called the Capacity To See Beyond. The Giver, who trains Jonas, is also a Receiver Of Memories. His job is to transmit all the memories of the past (both good and painful) to Jonas, the new Receiver. The Giver himself was chosen as a Receiver because he exhibited all the above qualities found in Jonas. As the training to be a Receiver is extremely taxing and painful, it stands to reason that those who are chosen should be courageous, open to new wisdom, intelligent, and upstanding.

The Giver was a good choice for the position of Receiver because he exhibited the necessary qualities of a good Receiver and he was willing to endure all that was required of him in the position. He was also willing to submit to the stringent rules required of Receivers.

"When you become the official Receiver, when we're finished here, you'll be given a whole new set of rules. Those are the rules that I obey. And it won't surprise you that I am forbidden to talk about my work to anyone except the new Receiver..."

The Giver was also willing to endure the pain of difficult memories so that he could advise the community when they were faced with taxing experiences. The Giver tells Jonas that he failed in training the last Receiver and painful memories were released to the community. In the end, he was needed to absorb all the painful memories again.

"It was chaos," he said. "They really suffered for a while.

"Finally it subsided as the memories were assimilated. But it certainly made them aware of how they need a Receiver to contain all that pain. And knowledge."

The Giver also possessed a strong sense of honor. He tells Jonas that Jonas has the same great honor, an attribute so necessary to be a good Receiver.

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