Where was the Battle of New York fought in 1776?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Battle of New York was fought in the summer and fall of 1776.  The main action of this battle took place on Long Island, in what is now Brooklyn.  The battle ended with the British driving the Continental Army out of New York.  However, the British failed to destroy the army.

In this battle, the Continental Army was badly outnumbered.  However, Congress wanted them to hold New York City so Gen. Washington made the attempt.  He put his forces on Brooklyn Heights because that area could have been used to bombard the city if it were held by the British.  However, because the British were so numerous, the Americans lost.  They might have been trapped in Brooklyn, but the combination of fog, a rainstorm and strong winds allowed them to slip across the river to Manhattan.  From there, the Americans eventually withdrew up to Harlem, White Plains, and then into New Jersey.

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