Why was George Washington elected and not someone else?

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

George Washington became President after the election of 1788. He was elected with every elector in the Electoral College voting for him. There was a reason for this.

George Washington was immensely popular. People valued his leadership style. Going back to the days of the French and Indian War, Washington was known for his strong military leadership. These skills were again proven to be true in the Revolutionary War. Washington took an army that nobody gave a chance to win, and he led it to a huge upset over Great Britain. He also helped to develop a good military strategy for our army to follow.  Once the Constitution was written and adopted, there really was nobody else the people wanted to be as their leader. Washington is the only President to receive every electoral vote in the Electoral College. The real race was for who the Vice President would be. That turned out to be John Adams.

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