In what ways did Gandhi guide the Indian nation?

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Gandhi guided the nation in several ways.  The manner in which he gave voice to the people of the subcontinent made him a figure of which origin is owed.  There is a reason he is called "the father."   In large part, this designation comes from the fact that Gandhi is able to give voice to a group of people who lacked it.  Like a guiding figure, Gandhi was able to provide a path that enabled both spiritual liberation and political freedom.  The models that others had suggested at the time were self- defeating.  Akin to a spiritual figure, Gandhi recognized that the only way India could be free was with the appeal to a spiritual notion, one that made Independence as much as human issue as a social one.  In this rare instance of political expediency merging with spiritual evolution, Gandhi represents a guiding force.  At the same time, he was seen as a guiding figure because his sacrifice was always present.  He embodied the moral compass of India.  At times in which Indians embraced violence, veering off the path of Satyagraha, Gandhi was able to sacrifice himself with his fasts for social justice.  This notion of sacrifice became a guiding force, representative of someone willing to give himself for others, as a parent gives for a child.  In these ways, Gandhi not only guided the Indian nation, but also represented an originating source for it, as well.

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