Why was Freak's Christmas gift of the pyramid shaped box and handwritten dictionary so important to Max? Quote as many examples from the book as possible to support the views.

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It's important to Max because the gift represents the first real gift that he has ever received from someone that he considers a true friend.  It is also important because Freak spent a lot time on the gift in order to personalize it for Max.  Freak didn't go to a store and buy something for Max.  Freak made him a very personalized gift.  The box itself was something that Freak made, and it was quite intricate with directions on how to open it and everything.  "You can see where he cut out pieces of cardboard and taped them all together, and written on the sides of them were these little signs and arrows, thought Max." 

Inside the box was a personal dictionary to Max that contained Freak's favorite words, in alphabetical order.  The dictionary definitions were Freak's own.  "What I did is take all my favorite words and put them in alphabetical order."  It's an incredibly thoughtful gift because Freak knows that Max doesn't like to look up words in front of people.  It makes him feel stupid.  Now Max can look up the words in private and at his own pace.  It's also a very encouraging gift, because it shows that Freak believes that Max can continue to learn and improve himself.  

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