Why was Edek in the military court in The Silver Sword?

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Edek was mistakenly charged for being part of a gang that robbed trains in the American zone. This happened after he followed Jan, who always brought them food in suspicious tins. Jan was involved in stopping the trains by changing the signal. Edek saw Jan tampering with the signal tower at the train tracks and thought he was trying to wreck the train. He went up the signal tower and tried to wave down an oncoming train, but instead, he was arrested by an American military policeman.

Edek was presented to the American military court and charged. While he pleaded his innocence to the judge, Ruth stepped in and asked Jan to state the truth. Jan admitted to his involvement with the gang, and that he did it only for food. The judge understood his predicament, but also made him aware of his mistake. Jan was presented with the option to either, spend seven days in jail or pay a fine. He agreed to serve his time in jail since they had no money to pay the fine.

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