In The Bronze Bow, why was Daniel disappointed that Jesus didn't defend himself when people tried to kill him in Nazareth?

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Let us remind ourselves of what Daniel has lived his life for with Rosh for so long. He has committed himself to opposing Roman rule violently. It is this that led him to join the group of rebels and it is this that initially attracts him to Jesus, as he sees in Jesus another leader who is bent against Roman oppression. However, for Daniel, opposition to Roman rule can only be achieved through armed struggle and resistance. He, like many Jews around him, were not able to understand the mission of Jesus and how he was opposed to Roman rule, but would carry out that opposition in radically different ways. 

This is why Daniel felt a great sense of almost excitement when he heard that Jesus was attacked in Nazareth, which was quickly followed by a sense of massive disappointment. If Jesus had been the military Messiah that so many Jews, Daniel included, were waiting for, the armed conflict he would have engaged in would have clearly indicated his status and his way of fighting Rome and liberating Judea. His lack of defence presents him as a weak figure to these rebels who pride themselves in their armed resistance. Daniel has to understand that Jesus intends to carry out his purpose in a very different way and fashion. 

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