World War II Questions and Answers

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Why was D-Day important?

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June 6, 1944, is known as D-Day. This was a very important event in World War II in Europe. Some people feel this invasion was the beginning of the end of the European phase of the war.

The Allies had developed a multi-part plan to defeat the Axis Powers in Europe and in North Africa. Part of the plan had been achieved. We were successful in removing the Axis Powers from North Africa and from Italy. The next step was to liberate France from the control of the Germans. It was necessary for the Allies to land their troops somewhere in France in order to begin the invasion. Once the Allies were able to land at Normandy and establish a foothold there, they could then begin to march toward Paris to free that city from German control. Once Paris was liberated, then the Allies could push the Germans out of France and work their way toward Germany. If D-Day wasn’t successful, it would have been more difficult to defeat the Axis Powers in Europe.

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