Why was Constantinople an ideal location for the capital of the Byzantine Empire?     

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Constantinople was an ideal location for the capital of the Byzantine Empire and it allowed for the wealth and extravagances of the Roman Empire to endure for a thousand years after the fall of the city of  Rome.   Constantinople was located within a two-thousand-mile radius of the important population centers of the known world. This allowed for trade with India, China, Western Europe and India.  This central location allowed for a tremendous degree of wealth for the city.  Due to the wealth of the city, it was a target of attack by outsiders. Constantinople had a great deal of geographical advantages in this area as well. The city sits on a rocky peninsula and is surrounded by water on three sides. Attacking the city was very difficult.  The city only needed to be defended from attacks by land on one side.  This allowed the Byzantine Empire to focus on a very formidable man-made defense on one side (the west) while the water provided protection on the other three sides.  

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