Why was Cherry attracted to Bob and Dally-what did they have in common in The Outsiders?

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You can find the answer to this at the end of Chapter 8.  It is about a page or so from the end of the chapter -- page 128 to 129 in my copy of the book.

What Cherry says is that she just thought Bob was something special.  He was not just like everyone else -- in fact he might have been a bit better than everyone else.  Whatever it was, he was different and people noticed him.  That is what attracted her to Bob.

Pony thinks that the same thing was going on with Dally.  She thought of him the same way and that is why she thought she might fall for him.

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Bob Sheldon and Dallas Winston have one common trait that attracts Cherry Valance to them: They are both dangerous. Although Bob is described as "sweet and friendly," he becomes violent after a few drinks. Although Cherry claims to hate this side of him, she nevertheless stays with Bob. Dallas's charm is obviously laced with a dark side, and this is precisely what prompts Cherry to admit to Pony that "I could fall in love with Dallas Winston... I hope I never see him again or I will." Cherry may appreciate Ponyboy's intellect and his introspective side, but she prefers a bit of wildness in a boyfriend.


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