My Life in Dog Years by Gary Paulsen

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Why was Caesar trouble for Paulsen whenever he played baseball?

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Caesar, the big old slobbery Great Dane, just loves playing softball. Not only does he end up being fed hot dogs by his many admirers, he also gets the chance to participate in the actual game itself. There's nothing Caesar loves more in life than playing ball.

The downside, however, is that Caesar can be a little disruptive, especially when his owner, Paulsen, is batting. From his vantage point in the center field, Caesar watches the batter intently, especially if it's his master. He has the cute, if rather unfortunate, habit of grabbing the ball and running to the nearest player, where he drops it. To Caesar, it's like playing a game of fetch.

Caesar soon becomes a bit of a nuisance. Paulsen discovers this to his cost when he hits two grounders, both of which are quickly picked up by Caesar. This leaves him stranded on first base, deprived of a double.

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